Dj Martini
Dj Martini 2015 Mashupmix
Dj Martini's 2014 Funky House Mix LIVE SET
Dj Martini 2014 Trapmix
Dj Martini's 2013 Mashupmix
Dj Martini's 2012 World Pop Mix
Dj Martini's 2011 Mashupmix
Dj Martini's Classic HipHop Mix Vol 2
Dj Martini's Classic HipHop Mix Vol 1
1 Coolin Out - Fast Nasties (Martini and Martin Remix) 123 BPM
All music is MP3 quality and free to listen to. All music is only $.99 (Yes even the Megamixes). Cd's are available upon request. Enjoy the numerous hours of music and let me know what you think!!!

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